Hell of a Soldier

Hell of a Soldier

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Tatem D. By tatemwritesstuff Completed

[COMPLETED 3/11/20]
Dylan Richards is a girl who comes from a broken household. All her life she had been beaten and abused by her lowlife father and her gold digger mother. Once midnight stuck the clock on her 18th birthday, She enlisted in the Army. It was her only out of the hell she called home.

Riggs Perish is a well respect Sergeant in the Army. He had always had a serious attitude and a "stick up the ass" mood. This got him where he is today though. This serious attitude seemed to be melted away when a rookie soldier caught his attention.

"Hell of a Soldier" is based in the 1930s-1940s. 

‼️Not accurate historically as women were not able to join the military in this time period! 
‼️Contains Mature Content!
      -Sexual Scenes