The Last; The Werewolf

The Last; The Werewolf

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The.Mythical.Stories By abby72121 Updated May 09, 2016

The world thought that only male werewolves were alive. That the last of the females had died out two decades ago. Female births were rare to begin with, and after the Alpha Above All gave the kill order for the remaining females, none were thought to have survived. The few female pups born each year were executed immediately. It was widely believed that they would grow to be careless and vicious, cold-blooded savages. They were stronger than the males, and would be hard to control. It was brutal and cold. And thought to be wildly necessary.

Kathirane has been under the radar for as long has she can remember. Born to Jordan, Alpha of the BloodRush Pack, her blood carries the scent that only comes from power. She was hidden from birth with her human Step-mother. Her father taught her how to fight. How to hide. How to run. And he taught her well.


Silence occupied  the clearing for moments, before he spoke "You Kathirane, you are The Last Female Werewolf."

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TheAlmightyRage TheAlmightyRage May 22, 2016
It's great but one thing is bothering me... How are the pups born if there are no female weres. I hope in the future chapters we'll get some answers otherwise I'm loving it so far
NutellaGuru NutellaGuru May 12, 2015
I can already tell this story is going to be the one and only
Queenburgerking Queenburgerking Apr 01, 2015
I hate when ur in bed and can't go to sleep and u just lie there waiting and waiting and waiting and in the end nothin