Divergent High

Divergent High

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Malena By MelMal121 Completed

Regular high school? Nope! Read this to go through all the ups and downs of Divergent high with Tris, Four, Uriah, Christina and all of your favored Divergent characters!

I worked very hard on this story so please don't steal any of my original ideas. This took me about a year to write so seriously, don't take any of my ideas that might be original. 

The wonderful cover for this story was made by @_AMABIE_


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TaurielRogers TaurielRogers Jun 27, 2016
anyone that drives a sports car in high school gets extra attention, especially if ur dressed like a "kool" kid
jay_d531 jay_d531 Dec 09, 2016
Did you also know she kills (almost) EVERYONES favorite characters.
TFIOS!!!,!😍😍😍😍😍 I'm still sad cuz I read it like 2 weeks ago...
UniversalAsteroid UniversalAsteroid Aug 30, 2016
Veronica R- bad news and you know it 😝 she'll take over your life with her amazing and frustrating books. Love and hate them
Lol, the murderer... I understand why Shauna would hate her, even tho I don't...
Killa-trymebih Killa-trymebih May 08, 2016
No offence but in the six grade your supposed to be 12 and in the 8th grade your 14 I would know because im in the 6th grade