Divergent High

Divergent High

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Regular high school? Nope! Read this to go through all the ups and downs of Divergent high with Tris, Four, Uriah, Christina and all of your favored Divergent characters!

I worked very hard on this story so please don't steal any of my original ideas. This took me about a year to write so seriously, don't take any of my ideas that might be original. 


No offence but in the six grade your supposed to be 12 and in the 8th grade your 14 I would know because im in the 6th grade
dude, I LOVE this!!! I wanna see a pic of that smoking hot sports car btw ;)
gabi_4610 gabi_4610 Nov 27, 2015
Tfios has the weirdest references. I never read it or seen it but by some comments, i am guessing that augustus died and u tfios fans are sad
4_The_Fearless_ 4_The_Fearless_ Mar 24, 2015
I ate pizza the way I fall asleep. Slowly and than all in one bite.
hiddenfortitude hiddenfortitude Jan 04, 2015
they were twelve and allowed to read and watch tfios!?!?!?!?! And my parents think it's too inappropriate... but somehow i managed... and have two copies both for my birthday, one from my parents and sister and one from my friend...
valwritesdotcom valwritesdotcom Nov 25, 2014
I KNOW you! Well not really but I read the same books you do and I always see your comments! Love all the fandom stuff you put in here!