One Last Look || Percabeth AU

One Last Look || Percabeth AU

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If you want to be happy, depressed and angry at the same time, then come to the dark side, we have a lot of illnesses and so much death.

You up for the challenge?

Warning: If you're looking for a typical, cliche happy ending this is not for you.

Story dedicated to: @valleyfarms
Story Inspired By The Fault in our Stars.
But a little twist...scratch that. Major twist.

Suck at descriptions,

xXAmazing_QueenXx xXAmazing_QueenXx Jul 02, 2016
Ohh......I wonder if Athena and Poseidon still have a rivalry? Even in an AU
xXAmazing_QueenXx xXAmazing_QueenXx Jul 02, 2016
It was a lie when they smiled and said you wouldn't feel a thing........{reply if you get the MCR reference}
Concella Concella Aug 20, 2016
Literally me and my best friend in preschool.... he bumped me out of the way at the sand box and I slapped him.... good times
mannie234 mannie234 Jun 25, 2016
Yeah that happens a lot to me. But dang annabeth take a chill pill and get to know him because he is your future husband bitch
Hoppy4no1 Hoppy4no1 Aug 12, 2016
I mean... some people are gay annabeth. Gay is okay. Gay is me. Gay is happy. Gay is great.
BlueFood101 BlueFood101 Jul 10, 2016
                              NO. YOU CANNOT HATE YOUR FUTURE SOULMATE