Gucci in Juvie

Gucci in Juvie

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coraline By phillips_ Updated Oct 05, 2016

'You're one of us now.'


Cassidy Taylor was arrested for a crime she did not commit, which was trying to smuggle a ticking bomb (in her powder blue Gucci handbag) into France while on summer break.

The only way that she would be able to get out of jail early is to find the person who placed the bomb in her bag and to prove that she did not want the Eiffel tower to explode. Which she will. Hopefully.

But till then, she has to share a cell with a sullen boy her age, along with some of his 'friends' (who she just knows were members of the mafia at some point) locked up in the adjacent rooms.


For a very, very long time. 

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"Anything you say or do, can and will be held against you in a court of law..." i memorized that part of the Miranda rights
Ok it was me!!! I admit it...oh, you want your money back? Oh well I spent it all on that bomb so....
All you guys talking about different companies and I'm here like "ask for some Ramen noodle while you're at it!"
ronicadean ronicadean Dec 30, 2016
Since she's 17 and it's such a serious crime wouldn't she be tried as an adult?
genevive5544 genevive5544 Nov 22, 2016
When will this book be completed? Really looking forward to it!😊
Hahahaha serves em right why didn't anyone pay attention to the fact that it was going to explode in like 6 hours from then?