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Nova by julesNI
Novaby julesNI
Sixteen year old Nova is ready to see what life has to offer. Her family isn't ready to let her go yet. Secrets beyond what Nova could imagine will be discovered. Why d...
The Well House : Pennywise x Reader ( Fanfiction ) by ElectricEmotion
The Well House : Pennywise x Reade...by 🌹Cløwn Løver🌹
You just recently moved to Derry, looking to start a fresh new life. You're 17 years old and both of your parents died when you were around 16. But, according to Derry...
Slytherin Your Dms Like by coffeeforyuki-
Slytherin Your Dms Likeby K_A_M_I
(Alt. universe) Sunoo x reader (fem) where Sunoo recieves a random dm from a stranger. @li_lacxoxo has sent you a follow request. @li_lacxoxo wants to send you a message...
The Missing Mafia Princess by addicted_ann
The Missing Mafia Princessby Ann<3
[Rewrite] [The Character and the plot will be different] Alexis Miles, a 17 year old living with her step father after the death of her mother. she's a strong independe...
To The Boy I Hated by Mossnia_
To The Boy I Hatedby Mossnia_
Jeremiah Waterson. The perfect 17 year old boy and the bane of Gabriella's existence. He's got the perfect hair, grades, smile, height and constantly makes Gabriella's l...
To Fix and Save (On Hold) by narutosIover
To Fix and Save (On Hold)by Loveslide <3
Hello! This is my first story so please excuse any mistakes. If you see something I messed up on please give me some pointers! Anyways let's continue. Naruto's body soft...
💞what is ddlg??? 💞 by depressed_teen2006
💞what is ddlg??? 💞by 💔broken inside 💔
hello beautiful, welcome to another ddlg information book. I'm going to explain what is ddlg and see if you guys are interested in joining the community of ddlg Littles...
Right About Cedric | | Cedric Diggory by truffles_7
Right About Cedric | | Cedric Digg...by honey_hogwarts
when 14-year old elizabeth martin gets accepted to hogwarts, she meets many new friends, including the famed harry potter. but, as she expands her social circle, she dev...
A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing (Amity Blight x reader, Human AU) by soften_hearts
A Sheep In Wolf's Clothing (Amity...by Phoenix Jinx
basically just another Amity x reader story but this time it's enemies to lovers.
Full Moon by sadiemaeee
Full Moonby Sadie 👑
Maria is a quiet 17 year old werewolf who always dreamed of when she met her mate but what happens when her mate never ever wants a mate and rejects her and wants to pre...
Killer Prom Queen || VSOO by cartierwrites
Killer Prom Queen || VSOOby Harper
"There was this girl, the most beautiful in the world. She had all the boys in town wrapped 'round her finger" Oh~ "She would walk the halls and everyone...
Dons secret twins by urmomlikesmyputhy22
Dons secret twinsby Leann Washington
Twins Malakai and Mac Martin/De'luca live isolated with their mother Lorraine Martin. When their mother Lorraine dies in and home invasions by russians during her last...
Dear June by Flavia1616
Dear Juneby Flavia Roberge
"Not so long ago I was alone and lost, and then you came along and I was home." June lived in Hawaii her whole life. She's been homeschooled since the age of 6...
▪︎Till' I See the Sun▪︎Tangled AU▪︎ by FlamelessNinjaGirl
▪︎Till' I See the Sun▪︎Tangled AU▪︎by Pira
Kai Smith, heir to the throne of Ninjago, has lived in the palace all his life. After gaining one day of freedom from his family's royal life, the last thing he expects...
You made me believe by preciousluv_writes
You made me believeby preciousluv_writes
Violet Alore doesn't believe in soulmates and thinks that people are brainwashed. Violet lives in her own fantasy that she daydreams about every minute of every day. She...
His daughter🥺 by lola4life101
His daughter🥺by lola4life101
When you meet this 3 year old girl who calls you mama in a store will you find out who her dad is and will it be love at first sight or will more be revealed
Cupid by RewKen
Cupidby ZenLF
This story is about 7 members of gangters and there's a girl they always bully This story is about Enhypen. this is FICTIONAL story so don't get too serious
A HoodLove Story 🏚🧡 by DaBratttttt
A HoodLove Story 🏚🧡by DaBratttttt
a hood love story from Atl, what happens when this teenage girl falls for someone twice her age.. is it just puppy love or something more deeper then that ?