Born From Chaos

Born From Chaos

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女王 By spite- Updated Nov 24


1. Any use of necromantic magic once within the gates. 

2. The raising of the dead. 

3. Speak of the raising of the dead. 

4. Threats of the raising the dead. 

5. Rumors of the raising of the dead. 

6. Chewing gum. 

"Without my family, five of those rules wouldn't even exist..."

The Necromancers and Reapers have been at war for thousands of years. One race consisting of villainous, dead-raising beings, determined on destroying the world. The other, scythe-wielding warriors who take it upon themselves to obliterate their counterpart and its creations.  

Although, despite popular belief in this world of death and discrimination, the evil can, in fact, become the good guys. 

Enter Nyx Lahey. A member of the only Necromancer family in history to convert sides in the war. Born a Necromancer, but trained and taught to live and act as the other, Nyx and her siblings live in a world of oppression and victimization, where the mere talk of necromantic powers can get you killed. But, that's all about to change...

After a disastrous night at an abandoned amusement park, Nyx is thrown into a world riddled with prophecies and danger. Here, there is a city where the dead walk free. There are monsters in the sky and demons behind the doors. Here, there are boys who wear coats that turn to feathers the next and strange creatures with warpaint and horns. 

Here, no one is safe and even the dead can die again.


Ranked #1 in Adventure, #1 Horror, #1 in Paranormal AND #1 in Fantasy. 
Featured book || Watty award winner, 2015.

voidposeys voidposeys Nov 27
sup' death. give my greetings to @katrocks247 and faith, would you?
R5er_mixer_ R5er_mixer_ Dec 01
I feel like you've put alot of work and research into it. Do you plan on eventually getting it published?
I swear the oath to hunt the motherfu*ker down with you! And also that I swear to not steal this work in any means, but rather read it and enjoy it! :)
NaeLovv NaeLovv Nov 29
This is like the first time I ever read a whole intro👏👏👌
The other day my friend lost his phone so we were calling him to see if someone found it, and someone did answer and my friend was all like "I will find you".
DankObito DankObito 4 days ago
I'm sorry but I ain't going speak to no timb wearing deadass mofo