Born From Chaos

Born From Chaos

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女王 By spite- Updated Nov 24, 2016

During which, curly-haired girls, with skin the shade of honey, make the Earth churn with undead armies. A group of dead, prodigy boys in New Orleans try to find answers. And the gods, with gold dripping from their horns and rage boiling under their skin, watch. 


Ranked #1 in Adventure, #1 Horror, #1 in Paranormal AND #1 in Fantasy. 
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Featured book || Watty award winner, 2015.

I can not get involved with this book I have school in the morning
M_Gold M_Gold Jan 10
I'm excited but apprehensive about this story and it's quality
yukylam yukylam Jan 07
WOW Damn THIS CHAPTER WAS AMAZING !!!!!!!!! i blown away i never comment on the first chapter this is the First IT REALLY WELL WRITTEN OMG !!!! <3
TheAnonymousBastard TheAnonymousBastard Dec 30, 2016
Seven gods...this must be one of the most beautifully written introduction I've ever read! Instantly my favorite opening in all of the Wattpad realm. Simply powerful, brilliant.
Foxxfate Foxxfate Jan 13
Do you mean grim instead of neco? Also if you would rather me not piont out things just let me :)
sounalem sounalem Jan 09
Wow. Amazing!! I was kinda hoping this was from the villains pov and neco's redemption lol but I'm excited to see where this goes:)