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Born From Chaos

Born From Chaos

4M Reads 266K Votes 140 Part Story
女王 By spite- Updated 5 days ago

Highest ranks: #1 in Adventure, #1 Horror, #1 in Paranormal and #1 in Fantasy. 

During which, curly-haired girls, with skin the shade of honey, make the Earth churn with their undead armies. A group of dead, prodigy boys in New Orleans try to find answers. And the gods, with gold dripping from their horns and rage boiling under their skin, watch. 
 Sponsored by the Pride, Prejudice and Zombies film || The Walking Dead || The Magicians television series. 
  Featured book || Watty award winner, 2015.

Snowstorm15 Snowstorm15 a day ago
He seems like the type to not take no for an answer, so he blames her for his own faults.
kemolive kemolive 2 days ago
bro i swear fictional people in situations like this nEVER say the right thing like damn pretend you wanna suck his toes or something
That's my sisters names except it's spelled with an I E and the end. See➡️ Ebonie ✅
CuteKitty264 CuteKitty264 2 days ago
Hrmm... *glances around at the chaos, zombies and corpses* ...Well, I'm stumped. You're right Neco, it's a mystery! Makes no sense at all!
AquaUrius AquaUrius a day ago
"What did you use to fail in saving your fiancé, dad?" 
                              Scoffing, grim had a flashback to Vietnam. "A garden tool?" 
                              "A hoe?" 
                              "That's what she was- naw it was a piece of wood."
ellisn12 ellisn12 2 days ago
Why would he rather have someone love him out of fear than actually love him? If I were her I'd rather die than have to love someone I don't love, especially if they're  super crazy and might kill me.