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Born From Chaos

Born From Chaos

4M Reads 27K Votes 9 Part Story
女王 By spite- Updated 4 days ago

Highest ranks: #1 in Adventure, #1 Horror, #1 in Paranormal and #1 in Fantasy. 

During which, curly-haired girls, with skin the shade of honey, make the Earth churn with their undead armies. A group of dead, prodigy boys in New Orleans try to find answers. And the gods, with gold dripping from their horns and rage boiling under their skin, watch. 
 Sponsored by the Pride, Prejudice and Zombies film || The Walking Dead || The Magicians television series. Featured book || Watty award winner, 2015.

Cover illustrated by Kacey Lynn (@untroubledheart). Find her on Instagram at:

LiviaMichelle LiviaMichelle 3 days ago
Wiw, I'm really excited to be reading this newer version! Honestly, I'll probably just go ahead and download radish so I can read it faster. I'm excited to see what kind of changes I'll see.
-wallflowerr -wallflowerr 3 days ago
I'm really excited to read this even tho I don't remember everything from the older version but it'll always be one of my favorite books
Junea_H Junea_H 3 days ago
If I were so insanely cheep I would definitely buy this book, but to reiterate in a more juvenile fashion something that was previously stated, MMMMOOOONNNNEEEEYYYY
HeyItsAri1 HeyItsAri1 3 days ago
Waitwaitwaitwait really?!?!?!! OMFG REALLY?!?!😆😆😆😆😆😆
ilovemydogindy ilovemydogindy 2 days ago
Good luck, I too am in the editing and looking for a publisher process, let me know if you need any tips, you have to be careful, some publishers will trick you into giving away your rights, happened to a friend of mine, and they ruined it.
greyaerosol- greyaerosol- 3 days ago
I've already read this but I love re-reading it! Even though you didn't finish it, but still!!