Himitsu Academy

Himitsu Academy

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Have you ever heard about Himitsu Academy before?

Of course you haven't heard it yet, unless you are one of the Mitsus and one of the inheritors of its secrets.

In the academy that full of secrets and mystery.
In the academy that normal people are not allowed.
How can you escape your fate, if you are destined to be one of its inheritors?

Most of all...

Can you keep Himitsu Academy as a secret?

BookLover_XXX BookLover_XXX Nov 05, 2016
Avid fan ako ng mystery at magic
                              Kaya idol ko si Sherlock Holmes at Harry Potter
NiqEDO NiqEDO Dec 31, 2016
Nice Names. Takeshi means Feirce, Kana is a Name of a Demi-God, and Akira means Bright😁. But I dont know the meaning of Kairi.😕😁😂
NiqEDO NiqEDO Dec 31, 2016
Fuu?! Hahahaha Nakakatawa yung Pangalan. Fuu ck lang! Kanina pa ako na tatawa
ahhhh ung kras ko lagi ko pinagpapantasyahan at lagi ko gustong pumunta sa wattpad world
TaehyungiesProperty TaehyungiesProperty Dec 29, 2016
Natandaan ko na lagi akong nagkakapanaginip na pula mata ko huhu
101trouble101 101trouble101 Dec 25, 2016
Dal Shabet at NU'EST fan ka pala. Ako GFriend TWICE at SNSD at Got7