Guillier Academy (Completed)

Guillier Academy (Completed)

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Shane_Rose By Shane_Rose Completed

Guillier Academy is not your typical school. Hindi ito gaya ng ordinaryong eskwelahan na nakafocus sa academics and sports but it focus on enhancing your magical and elemental abilities, as well as training you to use your spirit weapons. Inside the academy,students pass a test by winning a battle. It's either one on one, between the classes or between the houses. As a result, this academy produced magical and elemental warriors that will fight the darkness. And among them, five students will hold the power to give life or the power to bring death.

Date started: July 27, 2015
Date completed: Sept 12, 2016

*This book is a compilation of five stories*

Part 1 - Completed
Part 2:Fire Bearer - Completed
Part 3:Water Caster - Completed
Part 4:Earth Wielder - Completed
Part 5: Air Catcher - Completed
Final Part: Soul Keeper- Completed

kumabaga siguro sya ang  god nang apat na simbolo at sa kanaya ito humuihugot ng life force
Nakakatense grabe ang ganda ng flow ng story thank you author dahil ang ganda ng nagawa mong story
Ang galing niyo pong gumawa ng story nakakatense talaga sya as in WOW
Spirit niya yon. Nakalimutan ko na yung name. Silang lima ay may spirit na nagsisilbing guardian nila
Goddess_Art Goddess_Art Mar 25
Naging bakla si Shawn Mendez? 😂😂😂✌🏻️✌🏻✌🏻 (Ms. Mendez) AHAHAHAHA ok nakakatawa give three laughs Ha-Ha-Ha.
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