The Captain America Love Story You Never Knew You Needed

The Captain America Love Story You Never Knew You Needed

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Everyone knows that Peggy Carter is Steve Rogers' best girl. But what if before he returns to her in 1945, Steve fell in love in the modern era? 

Inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this story imagines the possibility of a meaningful and thrilling romance for one of its most beloved characters. 

In the year between the events of Winter Soldier and Civil War, Steve Rogers finds himself focused on dismantling Hydra and training the Avengers to prepare for the next threat to Earth. 

But what if love finds him during this turbulent time? What kind of person would capture the good Captain's heart? Follow along as our hero confronts his role in the new world, not only as Captain America, but as a man falling in love when he least expects it. 

Author's note: None of the characters mentioned in this story belong to the author except for the protagonist, A.C., which is the author's original creation. This character was inspired by the character of Astrid Leong as portrayed by Gemma Chan in Crazy Rich Asians. All other names, characters and places belong to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and are borrowed for fictional purposes. 

Content warning: This story deals with mature themes. Readers, please be advised.