A Thousand Years (boyxboy)

A Thousand Years (boyxboy)

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Alucius By AphroditesLust Updated Jan 03

A thousand years, that's what Frankenstein had promised the love of his life Dracula. He had promised him that he would stay with him for a thousand years protecting and cherishing him till he would die. But the promise was broken after only thirty years when Frankenstein was forced to give up his own life in order to save his loved one. But did he? Now in the 21th century the past comes back to haunt Dracula's life. His one and only lover that had died in the 18th century seems to be alive, but has forgotten the past. Worse he has become part of The Order Of The Dragon a group of hunters that fight for the christian believe, something that vampires don't fit well in nor other mythological creatures. But why would his love side with the enemy? And more important how can he still be alive since he definitely had died that snowy day in the cold?

*First Book in the Tainted Hearts series*


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Fujoshi_27 Fujoshi_27 Sep 17
Not all monsters are ruthless creatures. That's like saying all whites are school shooters or all Mexicans are gangsters, which is false.
This is sooo saddd mix with sad chinese songs im listening to atm! 😭😭😭😭
WhoAmI614 WhoAmI614 Mar 18, 2016
This one of the few stories I've read in which "angels" was spelled right.
StilettoSnake StilettoSnake Aug 03, 2016
Wouldn't the metal have to be molten then and kept at a very very high temp
aime_hana aime_hana Nov 08, 2016
I don't think hunting them is right, I mean yea I get that some are evil but some of them might actually want to survive with their family or make one. They can't rid the world of monsters, they're part of the world. It's like hunting black ppl only to leave whites
FengShiYin FengShiYin Jun 20, 2016
Owww just the prologue and I already have tears in my eyes...