Struck (A Vampire Novel) ✔

Struck (A Vampire Novel) ✔

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Caitlin By CaitSarai Completed

[Completed] Elysia's life is turned upside-down when she's abducted by supernatural creatures with demonic eyes and threatening fangs. What's worse is she has no idea what it is they want from her, except that it has something to do with a side of her that she's never known.

The chances of Elysia getting out alive are slim, but perhaps with a bit of luck and a lot of bravery she can escape with more than just her life. 


''What trick is this?'' The creature asked, but it didn't sound like a vicious question. He sounded... confused. When I didn't answer, he appeared in front of me, snatching my face in his hand once more and growling. ''What is that on your back?''

''I don't know,'' I blindly answered, but corrected myself quickly when his grip tightened dangerously, ''It's a birth mark, the doctors called it a... a Lichtenberg figure. My mother said I was born with it, I swear it, even though it's usually what happens when you survive being struck-''

''-by lightning.''

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{{Warning: Some scenes may be unsuitable for audiences below the age of 15 and offensive to those of all ages. Read at your own risk.}}

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kbaes247 kbaes247 Jun 06
So was she like a hybrid? Because well the stake is for vampires, the silver for werewolfs and this guy was her mate or beloved? Dude Im loving this💖
15.... so here I am....
                              By the way I think that we should have been given this type of warning while starting Wattpad.... No need to protect my non existent innocence now....
                              Raise ur hand if u agree....🙌🙌
Miaoper Miaoper Jul 20
In my country, monyet means monkey. So when I saw Monet, i thought of a 🐒
NiraHussain NiraHussain Jul 21
The name Liv . Disney Channel. ....liv and maddie.  ..singer.
sju129 sju129 5 days ago
Wait, why are we all commenting our bust size? In happens in like every wattpad story I read
sju129 sju129 5 days ago
Ever read Titania's lemon or Mischievous mrs. Maxfield? It's probably worse than this