The Devil You Know (A Supernatural fanfiction) [discontinued]

The Devil You Know (A Supernatural fanfiction) [discontinued]

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beth By skytheangel Updated Apr 13, 2016

Sam and Dean aren't the only well known hunters in this crazy supernatural universe. There was a time when there were two pretty well known hunters that were sisters. The Morgans. Alexis and Spencer Morgan. But what happens when a hunt goes wrong and Spencer finds that her sister isn't entirely herself anymore? Will the Winchesters be their salvation, or their doom?

Join the Winchesters and Castiel in their adventure with the Morgan sisters in this Supernatural fanfiction. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters affiliated with the CW's Supernatural. Some quotes from the show may be used, but I do not lay claim to them.


Cover creds to @-murderous

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amsweety amsweety Mar 17
Get the app Shazam. I found the sound out in like a minute with it
AMikaelsonForLife AMikaelsonForLife Sep 04, 2016
dàmnit, you were scheduled  to be released YESTERDAY.CROWLEY GET YOUR PUNK ÀSS IN HERE AND EXPLAIN *Beats dead helllights out of crowleys goon*
AyeoCherry AyeoCherry Jul 04, 2016
All I can think of is that one episode in the first season when Sam slashed through the little girl who was from the painting and had killed both of her two families
ASFGamerGirl531 ASFGamerGirl531 Dec 30, 2015
It's like you put in the story my name is Lexi that would look like me if I was that
JustHayden JustHayden Jun 28, 2015
Does anyone know what song that was in a trailer? I really like it!
- - Jul 30, 2014
So I took your advice and started reading this book, it's so far really good, great job, you're a great writer :D