Apocalyptic System

Apocalyptic System

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Dezza Mae Panilo By LadyLaDeMa Updated Jun 06

Syao Nao was a task taker, an experienced transmigrator who had experience different life's and situations

To gather points and be the number 1 task taker to complete all the missions to have one wish

She choose another different path to have many points for the missions, The Apocalyptic System: where all she needs to do was save the world from the nearing destruction or extinction 

And for her to do that, she needs to stop the Last Boss or the Super Villain, it all went good but for one

SuperVillain: Are you abandoning me dear?! No you can't! You're mine! No one can steal you from me!

Syao Nao:.................what is happening?

LastBoss: Running away? There's no use, i already have a satellite to monitor your moves, Love, there's no turning back, you're mine

Syao Nao:...........i really think there's a bug here somewhere..

MadScientist: Let me chain you my dear wife, i can't let you go anymore now that you entered my heart, hahahaha!

Syao Nao:.......i will definitely not recommend Apocalyptic System to my fellow takers, men here are all the same........wait, all of them are all the same antagonist?!! I need to hide.....

Arc 1[Virtual Reality Apocalypse: Finished]
Arc 2[Meteor Attack Apocalypse: Ongoing]
Arc 3[Zombie Apocalypse:.......]
Arc 4[Earth Destruction Apocalypse:........]
Arc 5[Alien Invasion Apocalypse:......]
Arc 6[Mutant Beast Apocalypse:.....]
Arc 7[The Last Mission:........]