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Save me Mr.Mafia

Save me Mr.Mafia

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Michelle....and Duck By AsianWriterxX Updated Aug 09, 2014

Tori Haven is the quiet girl at school. People mistake her as a mute since they never heard her use her voice. She has a voice, it's just that she has nothing to say. On her way home, she decides to use a short cut and accidentally crosses on mafia territory. One of the members grabs her and takes her to meet their boss, Luke Blackwood.   Luke Blackwood is the leader of one of the most powerful and dangerous mafias and is also one of the richest men in the whole states. He always gets what he wants, even destroy innocent lives just to get it. When Tori accidentally crosses on his territory and is brought to him. He instantly falls in love. Clearly he wanted her but to her it was just a joke.   Tori manages to get away from Luke's clutches but that wasn't the end of him. The next morning, he comes to her home and literally kidnaps her! Now she stucks at his mansion, locked up in a room with guards at every entrance and exit. ! Will Tori be able to find a way to get away from him for good or end up falling for him in the process?And What if Luke wasn't the only one who has his eyes set on Tori? Find out! right now..go click that button...come on...

Dyeni_5 Dyeni_5 Jan 20
Whoa whoa whoa!!! How old is he and how old is she!! Because I have a feeling she isn't legal buddy so calm yourself down!!
Angelcradle Angelcradle Aug 20, 2016
MariamHussain33 MariamHussain33 Aug 20, 2016
I'm so into you,
                              I can barely breathe 
                              And all I want to do is to fall in deep.
                              But close ain't close enough 'till we crossed the line'
MarilynMejia5 MarilynMejia5 Oct 25, 2016
Same they use to ask me that and I would say the same thing like what do you want me to say???? If I barely know you😑😑😑😑😑
cutietothecat cutietothecat Mar 05, 2016
It's kinda annoying when people do their stories in 3rd person point of view
DeathTroupe DeathTroupe Jul 14, 2014
How can chandeliers be hanging ABOVE the ceiling?  In the attic?