The Queen has Fallen- [Sweet Pea] // Riverdale

The Queen has Fallen- [Sweet Pea] // Riverdale

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All Natalie wanted was to become Queen of the Serpents. She wanted to lead the gang she had fought and risked her life for but with the title taken right from under her by someone she considered to be a brother, she is now left to question everything around her. She is left to question the people she considered a family... her friends... and the boy she has fallen in love with...

Sweet Pea Fanfic.


This is the continuing book of Queen of the Serpents, so if you haven't read the first one I suggest you do so to understand the story. 

I do not own any of the Riverdale characters. I will be following along with Season 3 storyline. I do not own that either except for Natalie Anderson and the few characters I create and a few events.

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