Prosthetic Parker

Prosthetic Parker

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The dust was invading his lungs, his eyes and mouth. Making him cry and cough and whimper, begging for help, for anyone to save him. His arm was on fire and he couldn't feel his legs. He stopped calling, knowing it wouldn't do any good. He was getting dizzy with each passing second.

He tried to push himself up but for a moment he was stopped by the piece of concrete on his arm. Then something seemed to pop or break lose and he was holding himself up with one arm. Peter glanced at the other and his stomach tightened as he threw up everything in his system. his arm was gone and all that was in its place was a white bone covered in blood sticking out of the skin. He continued to sob as he freed himself from the rubble, close to fainting he dragged himself away from the debris with only one functional leg. 

He laid pushes himself up against a rock and turned over onto his back, panting heavily as he stared up at the sky. His leg and arm were bleeding heavily and as the adrenaline went down the pain increased. 

In a final attempt he tapped his side in search of his phone, thanking god when he got it out and it turned on. 

He just needed to call someone before his world went black.

Au that spiderstan_ made;

What if during homecoming peter sustained more injuries? What if the collapse broke an arm and leg beyond repair?

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