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Sanitarium - Asylum Finale {Completed}

Sanitarium - Asylum Finale {Completed}

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Mady Jones By itsmadyagain Completed

Sanitarium - an institution for the preservation or recovery of health, especially for convalescence; health resort; a hospital for the treatment of chronic diseases, as tuberculosis or various nervous or mental disorders

Delusional with visions of the deceased Korse, Paranoia Violence disappears into the night to save her sanity. With no warning about her departure whatsoever, the Fabulous Killjoys and their friends are doing their best to track her down and bring her home to them. But what if she doesn't want to be found?

When she finally does turn up, no one expects the change she's gone though. Party's convinced, however, that she can be saved. On top of that, Kobra is fully healed and ready to leap into the fray, and he'll do whatever it takes to bring her back from the ledge she's standing on. Conflicts arise as the brothers test just how far they're willing to go in order to bring the old Paranoia back. But can they? And when shit hits the fan, are they prepared to let her go?

thebigfour_ thebigfour_ Oct 07, 2016
I'm confused, excited, scared, and intrigued at the same time.
Rosiemlxx Rosiemlxx Nov 17, 2016
You know i wanted a happy mcr story but instead all im getting is the ones that make want to cry and scream
phantom_angel98 phantom_angel98 Apr 06, 2016
I know she's evil and all, but I basically wear that outfit all the time
fandoms8okay8fandoms fandoms8okay8fandoms May 30, 2015
If I had a hallucination like her I would just talk to it be like 'hi how was your day' and stuff like that and just talk to it because I was bored
SkeleBri SkeleBri May 10, 2015
This song is one of my absolute favorites from the black parade album
DesolationFro_ DesolationFro_ Nov 28, 2014
This book should have so many more voted then it already does. ❤️ This is my fav series.