Alpha Darian (Book 2) /ON HOLD CURRENTLY/

Alpha Darian (Book 2) /ON HOLD CURRENTLY/

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Lotta By LoRaid Updated Jul 04

This book is ON HOLD at the moment so giving a fair warning!!! 

Book 2 in the Redemption Series.

Alice Duneal is the girl who has a lot of qualities, qualities that might cause her harm. She is the one who looks past all flaws, cares for the people who don't deserve it.

She sees the broken soul behind the mask.

So when she bumps into a certain Alpha from the North Pack, she immediately decides to go with him as soon as she discovers about the mate bond. All the while not knowing a single thing about the strong-headed Alpha.

Darian is exactly the kind of person she's been told to stay away from, the one who will cause you harm in the end. Although Alice is as stubborn as anyone else and does not listen.

Even if she knows deep down that the mate she is living with, might be the one who puts an end to everything.


Not your sunshine story.

Started: 04. 01. 2019

Ended: On-Going