The Break Up Plan

The Break Up Plan

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Linda By lindayassine- Updated Sep 20, 2017

Alaska Brown places a bet with her friends. It's all about dating the first guy who enters their all time favorite coffee shop, and make him fall for her in twenty days.

What she doesn't know is that the school's geek-iest person happens to burst into the coffee shop, running after a dog, before anyone else does and she's gotta do what's she's gotta do.

David Leon doesn't know anything about the silly bet Alaska placed and falls for her carelessly.

The point is, she's reckless and stupid. She doesn't realize she needs the guy in her life, to her he's the brother she's never had and to him, Alaska means the world.

Alaska forms a plan that only her friends know about and right there, he's gone.

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FlammableMistakes FlammableMistakes Apr 08, 2017
                              I'm late, I feel bad, but I love it already. It has such a professional feel to it, kinda feels like a paperback. No criticisms at all.
                              Misty <3
arcilles arcilles Apr 07, 2017
                              Just by reading the blurb, I could tell that this will be an interesting read! I admire your style of writing though. It really captures us, readers. Can't wait to read more. Great work! ♥️
-hammmburly -hammmburly Mar 18, 2017
Tsk such a bad luck isn't it😂 though it's clićhe for me tbh.
jeanaswanson jeanaswanson Jul 21, 2016
Making, rather than make...and making him fall for her in twenty days.
FlawFilledPrincess FlawFilledPrincess Mar 04, 2017
It is an interesting concept! :) I can't wait to read on! I wonder what she does to make him disappear and what does 'gone' entail? Does he disappear or does she lose him? Mm, I guess we'll figure out soon enough ahah. Great blurb though!
OnlyChampion OnlyChampion Apr 01, 2016
I am definitely excited to see where this leads me. Bring it on.