Those Perfect Flaws

Those Perfect Flaws

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Meet Alaska November White, a 17 year old girl whom you don't call 'normal'. She speaks 3 languages: English, Sarcasm & Swearing. She's the type of girl who would rather stay home on Fridays rather than partying. She prefers Converse over heels. She would rather hang out with guys than girls and she is crazy about one guy. But not everyone has a happy life, she has secrets she can't share. She sees it all get worse in front of her own eyes.

Now meet Blaze Scott Ryder. A total party animal that lives for hookups and sex. He's a total player and uses girls like toilet paper. He isn't looking for any promise or commitment. He's the most popular guy whose looks could put a Greek God to shame. He has girls falling at his feet and all the guys want to be him. 

Even though Alaska & Blaze have differences, they somehow balance each other out. They know each other like the back of their hands. Best friends since they were in diapers, know every flaw of the other. Will Blaze finding out Alaska's actual past and the weird happenings bring them closer than ever or tear them apart?

AN: I still suck at descriptions but please give this book a go.

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