My Big Brother Hates Me (SLOW UPDATES)

My Big Brother Hates Me (SLOW UPDATES)

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"I hate you I wish you were never born! You ruined my life" Harry yelled out, venom coming out every single word he said towards me, I started to cry, tears running down my cheeks. He slammed the door infront of me.

Those were the last words he said to me.


Harry absouletly hates her little sister Remi, with a passion and is quite happy when he gets into x factor and leaves his old life behind. So what happens when Harry gets a phone call saying that their parents died in a car crash and he is responsible for Remi?

Can Harry and Remi patch things up? Or will Harry continue to hate his sister Remi?

  • abuse
  • accidents
  • amnesia
  • bigbrother
  • death
  • harry
  • harrystyles
  • hatred
  • horan
  • liam
  • louis
  • malik
  • miscarriage
  • nial
  • onedirection
  • remi
  • rivalry
  • siblings
  • styles
  • zayn

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