Hold On To Me

Hold On To Me

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One night of passion lead these two to forever be tangled intricately. 

Mo Yuan (Mark) is rich, perfect, and arrogant. A handsome millionaire who doesn't like to be forced or tie down.

Bai Qian (Mimi) is a simple girl with big dreams, plenty of talents, and brave. An elegant, classic beauty who lost her precious first time to him. 

After their forced marriage due to misunderstanding she disappeared without any contacts. He searched for her without success. She erased everything about that night and the consequence days that followed. He tried to forget her, as if it was just a bad dream. 

Five years later by a twist of fate....they meet again. 

Follows these two as they navigate life, love, and second chance. 

This is a modern day love story using the characters from Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

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