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AngelCakz By AngelCakz67 Updated Sep 29, 2016

(h/c)-hair color

(e/c)-eye color

(h/l)-hair length

(y/n)-your name(even one for a male)


Normal Pov

you look at the school left to right."new school. New friends. New friends. no life." you said as you walk in. You saw people walking around. You went in the middle and some of the students are starring at you."why is people starring at me. is it because my clothes or is it my hair?"you thought. You were wearing a plain black t-shirt and jeans, and your hair was cut. you look like a boy." man I miss my friends already." you said as you look at a photo of your friends.

Reader Pov

I was walking to my first class and everyone was starring at me. lucky me I'm wearing a hoodie. I sat in the back row and put my head on the desk as I waited for the teacher. After a few minutes I heard bunch of squealing. I pick up my head to see lots of girls surrounding three people. A twins and a girl who is dress up like a boy. I sigh and drop my head down." Um exc...

KawaiiMarshmellows63 KawaiiMarshmellows63 Jun 11, 2016
                              It's actually funny, because I have a Naturally lower pitched voice and once, When I was talking to my friend,
                              they said I sounded like a dude for a second there!
Dirty Blonde with natural strawberry highlights in the sun (says my mom lmao)
                              Brown eyes
Yuno-Waifu Yuno-Waifu May 24, 2016
Black hair 
                              White at the tips
                              Crystal blue-ish eyes
                              A tint of white in the eyes
                              Minori Mae
Space_Mom_of_Altea Space_Mom_of_Altea Aug 07, 2016
Dark brown nearly black  with a bright purple streak
                              Black eyes
                              Waist length hair
                              Serina Sagel sakimoto (prefers to be called sage or Sagel)
queenslayslay queenslayslay Aug 10, 2016
(Drake vioce) No new friends , No New Friends, No New Friends,  No No No
sanji_kunn sanji_kunn Feb 03
Wait, why exactly does reader have short hair, if in the beginning, it says H/L for hair length? Not everybody has short hair.. It's kinda unfair for me and others?😕