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My Beautiful Romance. My Innocent Romance. [MCR boyxboy]

My Beautiful Romance. My Innocent Romance. [MCR boyxboy]

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Bekka By wolfykikyu Completed

Gerard just moved to Belleville, NJ and has no friends other than his brother, Mikey. After being shoved into a locker with a short guy named Frank he makes a friend. Frank makes Gerard question his sexuality. Will Frank get Gerard or will Gee be able to resist Frank's charm?

i have 0 classes with my friends, which is probably caused by the fact that i have 0 friends. 
                              jk i have friends but really in like two of my classes i know nobody and i don't want to know them so i've said like two words all year.
you like D&D, audrey hepburn, fangoria, harry houdini and croquet. you can't swim you can't dance and you don't know karate. face it you're never gonna make it.
kids at school: why you always wear so much black
                              cuz i'm getting ready for you're funeral bitches
                              *walks away like a boss*
                              na jk i don't talk to people
In my school we have all lessons but Language with our form class.
                              I have no friends in my form
wait what how do you fall and your lips just conveniently touch someone else's? if so can I please fall on gee next time
It's weird reading Gerard being a fan of his own songs
                              But it's a wonderful weird
                              Yasss Gee you sing I'm Not Okay you mad animal