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My Beautiful Romance. My Innocent Romance. [MCR boyxboy]

My Beautiful Romance. My Innocent Romance. [MCR boyxboy]

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Bekka By wolfykikyu Completed

Gerard just moved to Belleville, NJ and has no friends other than his brother, Mikey. After being shoved into a locker with a short guy named Frank he makes a friend. Frank makes Gerard question his sexuality. Will Frank get Gerard or will Gee be able to resist Frank's charm?

i have 0 classes with my friends, which is probably caused by the fact that i have 0 friends. 
                              jk i have friends but really in like two of my classes i know nobody and i don't want to know them so i've said like two words all year.
BTRandPHANarelife BTRandPHANarelife 4 days ago
Am I the only one who hasn't read it? I'll put it on my bucket list then 👍🏼
BTRandPHANarelife BTRandPHANarelife 4 days ago
They said the A/N is important Jesus I don't like it when people skip them
blxrryfxced blxrryfxced May 12
You can tell the people who have read the a/n and people who haven't
you like D&D, audrey hepburn, fangoria, harry houdini and croquet. you can't swim you can't dance and you don't know karate. face it you're never gonna make it.
nooneinparticular0 nooneinparticular0 26 minutes ago
Hey hells really quite pleasant except for the smell and school isn't pleasant at all