Broken || Roadtrip

Broken || Roadtrip

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"Thanks for taking care of us, Dad, but Brook and Jack are the only ones who need to hear this. A lot. Like every day" I quirk an eyebrow, receiving an already awaited shove from my right as Brook glares at me.

"Don't call me Dad" Andy cringes, my eyes rolling before Sonny speaks up next to me.

"Yeah, don't call him Dad" his face holds disgust as I need a moment to understand, my cheeks heating up in slight embarrassment as soon as I do.
"Chill, I didn't call him Daddy" trying to defuse the situation, I already know I'm making it worse as soon as the words slip out of my mouth.

"Don't say that aloud!" Brook groans, Rye laughing his ass off by now with Jack and Robbie joining him.