Badboy - Mack (boyxboy) by jackdiffsduck
Badboy - Mack (boyxboy)by Andy Fowler
Jack Duff is the badboy of the school, no one dares to fuck with him. That is, until Mikey Cobban turns up.
  • andyfowler
  • mack
  • boyxboy
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I fell in love with a Roadie  by beamingbibby
I fell in love with a Roadie by beamingbibby
In which Roadtrip moves next door to a roadie
  • roadtriptv
  • jackduff
  • roadtrip
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~Randy Fanfics❤❤~ by andybeaumont1
~Randy Fanfics❤❤~by Andy Beaumont
This book is about Ryan and Andy. In some stories there is not the boyband or something. Is just Andy and Rye and they have as friends the other boys. Hope you enjoy my...
  • andyfowler
  • randy
  • randyisacouple
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Beginning by boolove1798
Beginningby Lovely
" is randy real the host of the talk show said to my and Rye I just smiled thinking of all the moments that lead us here.From the very beginning there was randy and...
  • loveislove
  • roadtrip
  • romance-friendship
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Next Door Neighbours//RoadTrip by _bandaddicted_
Next Door Neighbours//RoadTripby Shona
When Harriet Robbins moves into her new flat she gets a complete shock when she finds out she's living facing one of her fave bands. Her life changes completely and gets...
  • brooklynwyatt
  • beaumont
  • gibson
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Love, Randy. They're done keeping their story STRAIGHT☀ [COMPLETED] by faultyfovvs
Love, Randy. They're done anon🐰
WARNING: sexual content...but a good story line :)
  • roadtriptv
  • randyisreal
  • randyroadtrip
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Maybe we could... try? (Roadtrip TV )(Randy) by dcinfinito30
Maybe we could... try? (Roadtrip d.c
Andy is stuck trying to figure out what he wants. To help him figure it out he confides in his best friend Jack. Eventually he figures out what he wants and meets someon...
  • randy
  • roadtripgay
  • roadtrip
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Choose//Rye Beaumont by _bandaddicted_
Choose//Rye Beaumontby Shona
My name's Zara Fowler and my older brother Andy is in this band called RoadTrip. Since the band started I've had this hugest crush on Rye his fellow band mate. Began: Fe...
  • gibson
  • andyfowler
  • rye
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After the Show (Andy Fowler)  by FovvyBradley95
After the Show (Andy Fowler) by Taylor Marie
Victoria Anderson is your typical fangirl. When her favorite British/Irish boyband finally announces they are coming to America, her and her best friend Sydney Parker ma...
  • andyfowler
  • roadtripandy
  • mikeycobban
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I'm yours- A Mikey Cobban Fanfiction by highkeycobban
I'm yours- A Mikey Cobban I’m katie ♡
Katie is your average 19 year old, has one or two celebrity crushes, finished school and is tying to get on with her life. She one day gets to go to a 'Roadtrip' show wh...
  • english
  • jackduff
  • happy
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SCRIBBLES by rose_roadie
SCRIBBLESby rose_roadie
The fate of two lovers written by the stars but ended by the ultimate destiny Trigger warnings:- Mention of harsh languages. Mention of self-harm. Mention of death.
  • heartbreak
  • roadtriptv
  • sucidial
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Temptation by andyfowler
Temptationby lily
'you drive me mad with temptation, 'cause it tastes so good' in which andy presents rye with 30 days of dares to help him get over his broken heart started: april 3, 201...
  • ryanbeaumont
  • roadtriptv
  • roadtrip3000
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Caught · Randy · (Mature) by xkinkycobbanx
Caught · Randy · (Mature)by xkinkycobbanx
A story about Randy 😉 Enough Said
  • andyfowler
  • ryebeaumont
  • roadtriptv
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Randy Smut Book by randy_larry
Randy Smut Bookby 🐝🌵
Just some really hot Randy smut for you to enjoy because who doesn't love a bit of Randy? I know Brook does.
  • roadtrip
  • randy
  • andyfowler
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My Brother's Best Friend *Harvey fanfic* by Roadtriptv2018
My Brother's Best Friend *Harvey Roadtriptv2018
Bailey is Brooklyn's younger sister. He is really protective of her. When things go bad at home. Brooklyn askes Bailey if she wanted to stay with him and his band mates...
  • fanfiction
  • hrvy
  • roadtriptv
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Sibling Rivalry  by fuzzyfovvs
Sibling Rivalry by Jess💛☁️💛
Jess is Brooks little sister and ever since Brook joined a boyband she always wanted to start a girl band 😊
  • music
  • brooklynwyatt
  • cobban
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Addicted | Roadtrip Fanfic by Beaumontswifee
Addicted | Roadtrip Fanficby Beaumontswifee
{TRIGGER WARNING} ~ contains bad language, sexual content, injuries etc. I think I like him, I can't help it. I can't stop thinking about him. He's always on my mind. Wh...
  • fowler
  • ryebeaumont
  • ryan
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Cute Randy stories / one shots❤️❤️ by FovvsxcheekyBeaumont
Cute Randy stories / one shots❤️❤️by I’m-A-Randy-lover
I love RANDY so much so here r some short stories about them each one is a different
  • ryebeaumont
  • andyfowler
  • roadtrip
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Stepbrother | Jack duff☘💙 by toxicduffx
Stepbrother | Jack duff☘💙by Lillie Duff☘💓
⚠️ warning: This book may contain a tiny bit of sexual content and cursing so... Yeah :)❤️⚠️
  • ryebeaumont
  • alphadogfamily
  • hrvy
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If... [complete] by Choccco-milky-Mikey
If... [complete]by Choccco.milky.mikey
Andy is forced to go to a boarding school where he meets rye. A hot, lovable goofball. But and won't let himself fall for him. Not after what happened last time.
  • roadtrip
  • andyfowler
  • jackduff
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