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Mates/Randy/b×b by BeautifulFovvs
Mates/Randy/b×bby BeautifulFovvs
Andrew Fowler was cold and heartless. He never smiled. He had no friends,didn't even try to make one. And he was a coward who ran away from his responsibilities as an Al...
LOST by Jewel2505
LOSTby Jewel2505
Ryan is a 19 year old broken, poor boy who has nothing and cant love. Andy is a 18 year old caring, rich boy who has the perfect life. Come on their journey as the boys...
Something More | Randy by Randyplz
Something More | Randyby Randyplz
Andy and Rye love each other deeply as friends, but the romantic side of their relationship has always been purely for the cameras. When Andy starts to realise his feeli...
Little Psycho ➳ Randy ✓  by flashingfovvs
Little Psycho ➳ Randy ✓ by sally εϊз
**completed** I'm really bad at descriptions, BUT I swear the story is good so here you go ༉‧₊˚✧ Is it reality or visionary Is it alive or made up Is it a dream or a f...
The Ice Queen || Randy by -_B-4_-
The Ice Queen || Randyby b-4
《 don't go near the Fire King, you're gonna get burn again 》 ... [ Where andy and rye are the most popular guys at school, andy as the cold, loner, famous model and rye...
My Famous Alpha ABO by Jewel2505
My Famous Alpha ABOby Jewel2505
Andy Fowler is 17 and he has to cover up his identity if he wants to live in the world he does. A world were werewolves are real. A world where omegas don't exist. What...
DADDYS GIRL / RYE BEAUMONT  by sh1loprince
Zara dreelan was Blair's daughter. She had always been a daddy's girl. Zara lived with her mum also she had her job over near her mums. However, when her dad asked her...
Badboy - Mack (boyxboy) by jackdiffsduck
Badboy - Mack (boyxboy)by Max
Jack Duff is the badboy of the school, no one dares to fuck with him. That is, until Mikey Cobban turns up.
RoadtripTv oneshots by Valiwyatt
RoadtripTv oneshotsby Valerie
I write oneshots about the boys from Roadtrip, a Boyband from the UK. I might also include some of their friends. boyxboy Requests are always welcome, so please send som...
smut one shot book  by roadtrip_5597
smut one shot book by deppressed_chips445
randy smut book for all those unholy people out there.
Him | Brooklyn Wyatt by LilyEllis652
Him | Brooklyn Wyattby Lily Ellis
After my mum and dad divorced, I told myself I wouldn't knock down my walls for anyone, that love was just a myth. But this all changed. When I met him...
FOUND (sequel to LOST) by Jewel2505
FOUND (sequel to LOST)by Jewel2505
This is the sequel to my first story called Lost, read Lost first before you read this story because it will make more sense. Ryan the broken lost boy is now going to mo...
30 Days Without You// Randy Fanfic by 2tvsk7
30 Days Without You// Randy Fanficby ...
He thought we didn't need him... How could he have thought that when he meant... means everything to us, to me...// A Randy Fanfiction Completed
Weekends// Randy Fanfiction by 2tvsk7
Weekends// Randy Fanfictionby ...
We used to meet up at the Weekend, who knew it would end up like this? // A Randy Fanfic Started: 15.10.18 Finished: 19.11.18
Mr Taken (A Complete Randy fanfic) by DanielDufff
Mr Taken (A Complete Randy fanfic)by DanielDufff
Andy Fowler was kicked out by his abusive parents after they found out about Andy's 2 year relationship with Jack Duff, but after moving with his grandparents he's soon...
Broken || Roadtrip by blocksberg7777
Broken || Roadtripby blocksberg7777
"Thanks for taking care of us, Dad, but Brook and Jack are the only ones who need to hear this. A lot. Like every day" I quirk an eyebrow, receiving an already...
The silver wolf ~ Randy by suggymaynard_
The silver wolf ~ Randyby A N K E
"I'm not your typical omega, Beaumont." I said with a little smirk on my face as I look the alpha prince in the eye. "And I'm not your typical alpha, Fowl...
The pizza guy || A Randy Fanfiction by randyfovvsbeaumont
The pizza guy || A Randy Fanfictionby mariap
Andy and Rye don't know eachother, but they both feel like they are missing something in their life. What is that they are missing and why? What will happen when Andy g...
•Roadtrip oneshots• by oh_hi_didnt_see_u_
•Roadtrip oneshots•by An actual mess
Normally ddlb oneshots just a warning Not normally gonna be trigger warnings Hope you like these Ask me in the comments if you want a specific oneshot, I'll give it to...
Hold On - Sequel to 'Happier' by nicjudd427
Hold On - Sequel to 'Happier'by Nicole
*Read 'Happier' First* *Hold On - Chord Overstreet* You can be happy, but for how long? Andy has found his happiness, and things start to look up. But not everything can...