Don't be Shy ✓

Don't be Shy ✓

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--warning: cuteness overload-- SIDE STORY TO THOSE COLD EYES.
Sebastian is shyer than shy, but after meeting Dylan and Tyra he's starting to crawl out if his little shell. So when Kaiden gives him his phone number, Seb gives his in return. From that moment on a new world opens up to the cute teenager.

Kaiden sends messages that make Seb dance around in his room. Dance with the butterflies that soar within his stomach. Kaiden gives him kisses that make his body burn. But even happiness has its opposite. Seb's mother keeps a tight leash, and her dreams for her son doesn't match well with the dreams that keep Seb afloat. She dreams of a son with a perfect life, a perfect education and a perfect wife. 

Sometimes dreams come true, but you want them to be your own, not your mother's.

My boyfriend is constantly telling me this and I find it so cute!!!
Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! My chest! I'm dying from da smexiness!!! Tell my mother*couhg cough* that I *cough* always liked my aunt's cookies better... *dies* 
                              Also burn all my belongings. Momma don't need to see my paper back yaoi collection -_-
Everyone be like Black Butler
                              Me: Sebastian burst out in song
                              Cause little mermaid eh eh?
I swear of kaiden was dared to or sum this boy is too cute to be messed with
I'm sad because I text hi with an exclamation mark too and now everyone is hating on that sad exclamation mark
No OnE tAlK tO mE iM bUsY witH hAviNG to DeAl with My EmOTiOnS