Don't be Shy ✓

Don't be Shy ✓

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Avylinn Winter By Avylinn Completed

--warning: cuteness overload-- SIDE STORY TO THOSE COLD EYES.
Sebastian is shyer than shy, but after meeting Dylan and Tyra he's starting to crawl out if his little shell. So when Kaiden gives him his phone number, Seb gives his in return. From that moment on a new world opens up to the cute teenager.

Kaiden sends messages that make Seb dance around in his room. Dance with the butterflies that soar within his stomach. Kaiden gives him kisses that make his body burn. But even happiness has its opposite. Seb's mother keeps a tight leash, and her dreams for her son doesn't match well with the dreams that keep Seb afloat. She dreams of a son with a perfect life, a perfect education and a perfect wife. 

Sometimes dreams come true, but you want them to be your own, not your mother's.

loonyluna02 loonyluna02 Dec 28, 2016
I'm reading this before cold eyes because Sebastian sounds like such a cutie
CharLok CharLok Jan 11
Okay he says he's not much to look at but has large green eyes with long lashes
                              Yet Yep, I totally buy it
jswizzles jswizzles Oct 12, 2016
Awe, should I read the book before this to get how Kaiden and Seb meet??
Snowboobiez Snowboobiez Nov 01, 2016
He want dat ads
                              And you're  like really adorable so like everyone loves you
Bacon-and-egg Bacon-and-egg Sep 20, 2016
I think I've read this book before. 
                              But imma read it again anyway
Halseyxslays Halseyxslays Sep 27, 2016
This book is so good but I need to sleep 
                              But the book...
                              But sleep...