The Betrothed (BoyxBoy)

The Betrothed (BoyxBoy)

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Tyler Lewis is a 17-year-old openly gay boy who's been heartbroken so many times. After finding a new "love" his parents were afraid that his heart would break again. Meeting his new partner, his parents weren't pleased, however, Tyler insisted on continuing to see the other man. Fed up with his attitude, his parents desperately tried to look for a way out.    

A few days later, Tyler's parents received a call from one of their old college friends. The Young family was composed of Hunter, their eldest son Hunter (age 28) and their youngest son Nathan (age 21).    

The situation with Tyler brought up old agreements between his parents and the Young family. It was the agreement that, when the time came, The Lewis' eldest child would marry the Young's eldest child. Unfortunately, they didn't anticipate both of them to be boys, but this didn't seem to be a problem to both parties. Tyler and Hunter hated the idea, but that wasn't the biggest problem.     

The biggest problem was that Hunter was as straight as a pole.     

*** WARNING ***    

This book contains relationships between two men. At some points in the story, there will be [R] rated content that will not be suitable for minors. Please read at your own risk!   


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bootyjuiice bootyjuiice Feb 16
I’m confused why do I have 31 notifications from this book
thewolvesrun101 thewolvesrun101 Apr 20, 2017
Risk? Risk of reading a sexy chapter? I'll always take the risk. 😉
bowlingjif bowlingjif Dec 10, 2017
Sis, this is unique I don’t think I’ve ever seen a story like this.
thatbitchonline101 thatbitchonline101 Aug 21, 2017
It depends how bad it is and how good the plot is for me. Like if it's really bad and I can't understand what is going on I would leave
legitumus legitumus May 13, 2016
Haven't started yet but I just wanna give a shout out to that authors note I mean I usually don't even read these but well done. Honestly so open minded I'm excited for your writing. 👏👏😁
Derpina101 Derpina101 Sep 28, 2015
Lol when I first started wattpad, I did flip out and majorly cringe (but kept reading if the book was good) XD 
                              But these days, I just make my mind read it with's a talent (jk)