Reminiscence (Eyeless Jack X Reader)

Reminiscence (Eyeless Jack X Reader)

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VoidOfDeath By KareenBlackVoid Updated Aug 17

(Y/n) (m/n) (l/n), an orphan, is a student in a medical college. Her friends and her love, Jack helped her with any problem, being nothing but plain kind to her. She had a normal college life, just like most of the people.... Until something drastic happened to her.

Unfortunately, she witnesses her love die in front of her. The incident causes a deep sorrow to embed itself in her heart, however, she hid it, for the sake of her precious family, her mother and brother, even though they are not related.

As she continues on with life, new things take place, she discovers things that she never thought existed, and these things are not human, or anything friendly. 

She is pulled away from her normal life, and thrown into a world of living nightmares, with a constant threat looming over her and her family.

What will she do? Will she find her love? Will she be able to pull him from his insanity? Will she survive this madness?  

~Read to find out~

Warning: profanity is present, mentions of blood, gore and maybe violence (what do expect, this is a creepypasta story.)

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