(Sasuke X Reader) Sequel

(Sasuke X Reader) Sequel

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Natasha Tasyaar By NatashaTasyaar Updated Mar 24

This is a sequel from I'm Different (Sasuke X Reader) 

It's been two years since Sasuke, taking Y/N with him after rescuing her from the bandits. So many has changed for the past two years. 

Speaking of Y/N... She has grown into a fine young woman and a stronger Kunoichi, after being trained along side Sasuke by Orochimaru. Even though she is rescued from the Phoenix Bandit, that doesn't mean she's safe... Not at all... There are still lots of bad guys who is after her for her rare ability. How will her relationship with Sasuke end up? Will Sasuke able to protect the girl he loves and cherish? Or will he have to deal with another grief of losing the person he cares for? Read and find out the story!  

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters. The only thing I own is OC's and storyline.