Chapter 5

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Previously on Chapter 4

"Oh my God, Y/N-Chan! You're okay! You're back! I'm so glad..." he said. I just smile weakly and hugs him back. But I can't stop the tears from falling, as I thought of one thing.

How could you Sasuke... you lied to me

-I'll Always Be There For You-


Naruto have left with Kakashi-Sensei, saying they have to do something. I just respond with a nod on my head.

I lean my back against the head board. I the start shaking as I remember what happened that leads to Sasuke sending me back here.

"Y/N-Chan?" I jump when someone calls out for me. I turn my head to see Iruka-Sensei. "I heard what happened to you, Y/N..." he said. I just look down hearing what he said.

"Is it okay for me to approach you?" He said. I nod my head slowly, but I didn't look up. I flinch slightly when I feel the bed slightly dip.

I look up slowly to see Iruka-Sensei looking at me with a worried gaze. Then I just look back down.

"Are you okay?" He asks, worry is laced in his tone. I just nod my head. "Do you know where the base is? We need to know... so we could all go and retrieve Sasuke..." he said again. I just shook my head. "I'm sorry... but I couldn't tell you..." I said. "Why not?" He said. "I just can't... that would mean I betray Sasuke... he wouldn't want anyone to know where he is..." I said. "Don't you want him back, Y/N? Are you two still together?" He asks again. "I'm not so sure about that, Sensei... I mean... he sent me back here... it's clear he didn't want me around..." I said, in a low tone.

I feel a hand on my head and I flinch. I swat the hand away. "DON'T TOUCH ME!!" I scream. "Y/N... I didn't mean to... I'm not gonna hurt you, I swear" Iruka-Sensei said in panic. "Go away!!" I scream more.

The door slam open and Sakura runs in. "Sensei... she's still in shock... don't approach her hastily..." she said. Iruka-Sensei just nod his head and leave the room.

Sakura walks over to me and sit on the edge of the bed. She place a hand on my shoulder and I flinch. "Hey... hey... it's okay... it's me... don't worry... you're okay..." she said softly. I start to calm down a little. She scoots closer and hug me.

Sakura P.O.V

Y/N-Chan is such a cheerful and caring girl. Who would do this to her? I won't forgive that person. Even though Sasuke-Kun chose her and not me, I don't mind... because Y/N-Chan is like a sister to me.

I continue to caress her head, and she slowly starts to calm down. Eventually, I heard a soft snore. I pull away and look down to see Y/N-Chan has fallen asleep. I smile softly and gently lay her down. Then I get up, carefully not to wake her up. I walk towards the door and opens it. I turn to look at Y/N-Chan one more time, then leave the room.

I almost scream when I run into Naruto at the hallway. A tick mark appear on my head as I pull his ear. "Ow ow ow! Sakura-Chan!" He wailed. "Shush!!" I scold him.

I let him go once we're outside. He rubs his ear, which is now a bright red. "Ow. Why do you have to pull me by the ear, Sakura-Chan? That hurts you know..." he said. "That's because you scared me! If I scream, that would've awaken Y/N-Chan... and I can't have that... she need to rest... she's been through a lot" I said as I cross my arms. "Oh... sorry..." he said, looking guilty.

"Hey... Sakura-Chan..." he calls out for me after a moment of silent. "What is it?" I said. "Do you think... Sasuke did it? You know... what happened to Y/N-Chan..." he said. My eyes widened. "No! You idiot! Have you seen how much he genuinely loves her... he would never do such low thing!" I yell at him. "Then who would've done such horrible thing to Y/N-Chan?" He asks again. I shake my head. Then Naruto looks like he's in a deep thought.

His eyes visibly widened. "What? What is it?" I urge. "That bastard!" He yells. I look at him in confusion. He turns to me, placing his hands on my shoulders. "It has to be him!" He said. "What are you talking about?" I asks again. "That Kabuto guy!" He screams at me. That's when I remember. I've seen Kabuto staring intently at Y/N-Chan.


It's the Chunnin exam. I was talking to Y/N-Chan, when I saw a movement behind a wall. I glance behind her to see Kabuto. At first I thought he was staring at me. But when I look back at him, he doesn't seem to notice. So he was staring at Y/N-Chan.

I gently nudge her. "What is it?" She questions. "Kabuto is staring at you" I said. "Huh? Where?" She asks. "Right behind you..." I said. She turns around and in that moment, Kabuto moves away.

End of Flashback

I still remember the look he gave Y/N-Chan. It's the look of desire and lust. So he was aiming for Y/N-Chan from the start. That bastard! Wait until I get my hands on him! He will be sorry!!!

"I wonder if it's okay for me to check on her..." Naruto said. "Yeah... I think so... just don't touch her.... she is still very sensitive to physical contact. Especially with guys..." I said. He just nods his head. Then he walks towards the direction of her room.

Naruto P.O.V

I walk inside Y/N-Chan's room, to see her laying on the bed. She seems to be in a deep slumber. I walk towards the seat and sit down.

I outstretch my hand, but stop myself before my hand lands on her head. "I'm such an idiot... Sakura-Chan clearly say not to touch her... she's still sensitive" I say to myself. My eyes saddened when I stare at her.

That bastard won't be alive when I saw him... no one can hurt Y/N-Chan and get away with it. Not only he hurt her physically... but mentally as well and I will get him for that!! Don't you worry, Y/N-Chan...

I will always be there for you...

*to be continued*

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