Chapter 8

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Previously on Chapter 7

Hey... I understand, okay? I'm willing to wait... no matter how long it'll takes. I WILL wait for you..." he said again. I stare into his eyes. "Naruto..." I said. He smiles at me and place a soft kiss on my forehead. "I love you, Y/N-Chan..." he said. Then he just hugs me.

I will wait for you...

-A Chance-


Naruto have been really patient with me. Ever since he confessed to me... he's been showing so much affection to me. I guess... that means he really loves me... but can I give him the chance we wants? What if I'll just get hurt? There are a lot of questions jumbling up my head. The more I think about it... the more stressed I become...

I'm just walking around the town to try to get my mind of it for a bit. I need time to think for myself.

As I walk... I can hear someone calling for me. I stop and turn around to see Kiba.

He stops in front of me and pant. "Did you really just run all the way here??" I asks in shock. He laughs nervously as he scratch his cheek sheepishly.

I raise my eye-brow at him. "Is there anything you need? And where's Akamaru?" I asks when I realise Akamaru isn't with him. "That's what I'm here for, Y/N-chan... Akamaru is sick and I don't know who else to find for help... I mean... you're pretty good with animals, right?" He said. I just shrug "I guess... I wouldn't say I'm an expert. But I think I'm okay" I said. "So will you help me?" He asks. "Yeah sure... lead the way" I said. "Thank you so much! Follow me!" He said eagerly. I just follow him as he starts to walk away.

After a while of walking. We finally reach his house. I walk after him and enter his living room. I can see Akamaru laying on the couch and he looks weak. "Please treat him... make him feel better" Kiba pleads at me. I nod my head "okay... I'll try my best..." I said, reassuringly.

I walk towards Akamaru and sit down next to him. I pick him up and place him on my lap.

I was shock when Akamaru starts barking happily at me. I look up at Kiba, to see that he just smile innocently at me.

"He's not sick, is he?" I said. He walks towards me and kneel down in front of me. He pat Akamaru in the head affectionately.

"He was silent all day before I went to you... but after seeing his reaction like this... I think I know now what he actually wanted..." he said. "What are you talking about?" I asks him. He smiles at me "he wants you to be his mom..." he said. My eyes widened in shock. "K-Kiba, I-is this some kind of a j-joke??" I said, still in shock.

He shakes his head and reach out to cup his hands on my cheeks. "No... a Ninja dog can feel what the master's feel... and I think Akamaru agrees with me that he wants you to be with us just as much as I do..." he said. "What a-are you t-talking about??" I stutter out. He leans closer "Y/N-Chan... I want you to be mine..." he said. Then he kisses me. My eyes widened even more.

I can hear gasps of pain. I pull away from Kiba and turn to the sound to see Naruto standing there.

"Y-Y/N-Chan... So... y-you're with him now??" He said. "N-no... Naruto... it's not what it looks like... he-" he cuts me off. "No... I get it... you love Kiba... I'm so stupid to believe that you would love me... congrats Kiba... I hope you two would be happy" he said. Then he turns and leave even before I could say anything.

I stand up and was about to run after him. But a hand stop me from doing so. I turn to see Kiba. "Kiba... I-I'm so sorry... b-but I d-don't see you that way" I said. His face looks saddened. I gently take his hand off of mine and turn around. I start to run to chase Naruto.

I saw him running to the direction of the training ground, where we have our first trial as team 7.

He runs to one of the pole and punch it. Then he falls to his knees. I can see his shoulders shaking lightly.

Slowly I make my way closer to him. When I was about 7 feet behind him, I can hear him speak.

"W-why... why can't it just be me... why can't I be the one she loves... why is it always other guy?? Why....." he cried out. I bit my lips to prevent myself from crying as I make my way towards him slowly.

I kneel down behind him and slowly wrap my arms around his torso.

"I'm s-sorry f-for making you f-feel that way, Naruto..." I said, finally unable to control my tears any longer.

His shoulder stiffened before relaxing. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with your boyfriend?" He said. I move and kneel in front of him. He looks away from me, so I cup his cheeks and make him look at me.

"He's not my boyfriend Naruto. I don't like him that way" I said. He frowns "then you do you love?" He said. "You are... Naruto... I love you..." I said. His eyes widened at my words.

He moves his hands and cup my cheeks. "Will you be my girlfriend then?" He asks. I smile and nod my head. He starts to grin widely. "Does that means I could kiss you??" He said. He beams and pulls me into a deep and passionate kiss.

Unbeknowns to us... someone is watching and is clearly un happy.

??? P.O.V

Y/N is mine... I won't let that loser steal her from me for too long... I WILL get here back.

*to be continued*

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