Chapter 3

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Previously on Chapter 2

Then he turns to look at Naruto, his arm still around my waist. "Let's get out of here... Let's not waste our time on these losers..." He said. I frown when he said loser. They are still our friends. But I didn't say a thing. I just nod my head. "Okay..." I said in a soft tone. Then we vanish from Naruto's and Sakura's sight.

-It's For The Best-


I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling. There is nothing for me to do, since Orochimaru sends Sasuke away for a mission about a week ago. So he should be back any moment now. I miss him so much.

I was snap out of my thought, when someone knocks on my door. 'Hmm... who could that be?' I thought to myself, as I get up from the bed and walk to the door.

I open the door to see Kabuto. "Um... yes? What can I do for you?" I said. "Oh you can do so much for me... how 'bout we have a little fun, hm? What do you think, kitty?" He said, walking closer to me. I walk backward, feeling nervous at this.

I keep walking backward, until I feel my back against the wall. Kabuto traps me in between his arms.

"I can't hold it much longer... you have always intrigued me... and I want you" he said. I gulp and place my hands on his chest. I try to push him away. He got annoyed at this, so he grabs both of my hand and place them above my head.

"W-what are y-you d-doing?" I stutter out. He just smirk and his hand trailing down towards the end of my shirt.

I start to struggle "n-no! S-stop it...." I said, trying to break free. I can't let him to this to me.

Kabuto lowers his head and place his lips on my neck. Then he starts sucking on my skin. I bit my lips trying not to make any sound.

I let out a scream and he instantly pulls away. He clamps my lips shut using his hand. "Shut. The. Hell. Up!" He spats each up. I start shaking then he leans in again.

I shake my head. Then I feel my eyes turns black and blue as I activate todomeki.

Kabuto instantly freezes up. "Leave my room... now!" I said. He pulls away from me and walks towards the door. He opens and walks out, closing the door behind him.

I start to shake even more. I walk towards the bathroom and close the door behind me. Then I walk towards the cubicle and turn on the water into a warm temperature. Then I step into it and let the warm water wash over me.

I burst into tears as I slid down. I lean my back against the wall and hugs my knees.

I shake my body back and forth in attempt to calm myself down. Heavy tears starts to stream down my cheeks. I can't believe I'm almost... no... no... I don't wanna think about it. I close my eyes tightly and start to cry even more.

After a while I finally manage to calm down. But I'm to tired that didn't move from my spot. I close my eyes, giving in to the exhaustion. Then I slowly drift of into deep slumber.

Sasuke P.O.V

Finally... the mission is over. I can go back to the base and be with my lovely girl again. Gosh! I miss her so much.

I walk towards her room and knock on the door. But she didn't respond. "Y/N? Babe?" I call out. Still nothing. 'Hmm... that's weird....' I thought to myself. "Y/N... I'm coming in, okay?" I said. Then I open the door.

Her bed is empty. 'Hm... where is she?' I thought to myself. I look around the room. Then I heard water running. Is she having a shower?

I walk towards the door and knock on it. "Y/N? Are you in there?" I call out. But she didn't respond.

Then I feel water on my feet. I look down to see water seeping down from the door gap. My eyes widened as I realize something is wrong. "Y/N! I'm coming in!!" I yell out, bursting through the door.

My eyes widened even more. I run to her and turn the water tap off. I grab a towel and wrap her up with it. I pick her up and walk towards her room, walking over to her bed and gently lay her down.

I kneel down next to her, placing my head on her head caressing it softly. I notice tears stain on her cheeks. 'She's been crying?' I thought to myself. Then my eyes trail down and notice a purple mark on her neck.

"Kabuto..." I growl. I knew he have a thing for Y/N. I need to teach him a lesson for touching what's mine!

I'm snap out of my thought when I feel Y/N stir on her sleep. I just look at her, waiting for her to open her eyes.


I feel a hand on my head. My eyes snap open, panic rose up in me as I think it's Kabuto.

I relax when I saw a familiar face. The face that I've been missing. Tears starts to stream down my already stained cheeks. "Sasuke..." I said, barely above whispers. I jump on him, hugging him as if my life is depending on it.

"Shh... baby... I'm here..." He cooed in my ear. "Sasuke... Kabuto... he... he" I cry out. "Yeah... I know... I know... but I'm here now... you're okay babe..." he said.

Once I calm down, I pull away and look at Sasuke. He cup my cheeks "I'm so sorry babe... that I'm not there for you" he said. I shake my head "he didn't manage to... I use my eyes technique to stop him..." I said. He let out a sigh "I am glad that you're okay..." he said. He pulls me in for another hug.

"Y/N... its not safe for you to be here... what happened today is the proof that I can't leave you alone... he could've had another chance when I'm away..." he said. I pull away and looks at him in confusion. "What do you mean?" I said. "I'm returning you to Konoha..." he said. My eyes widened "but... but..." he cuts me off by a kiss.

I close my eyes and kiss him back. He wraps his arms around my waist. I tilt my head to depend the kiss.

We pull away for air. Sasuke leans his forehead against mine and keeps his hands on my cheeks. "I'm sorry... but I need you to be safe... trust me, baby...

It's for the best...

*to be continued*

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