Warrior (girlxgirl)

Warrior (girlxgirl)

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SEQUEL TO LIGHTNING-MUST READ LIGHTNING FIRST TO UNDERSTAND  Carmen and Gabby survive hurricane Michael and now are starting college. The next step in there lives. But what happens one night at their first college party can change their lives forever. Will Gabby be able to recover? Will Gabby be okay? Will Carmen stand by Gabby's side through everything? Get on the rollar-coaster and follow what happens to Gabmen. Read Warrior and find out. ~For those of you who haven't read Lightning, please do so before starting this because it will be easier to understand. *Sequel is up and called Curve Ball*


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This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organization and events portrayed in this novel are either 
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damryn damryn Aug 30, 2017
'Should'. And I feel like something bad is going to happen in the sequel
damryn damryn Aug 30, 2017
I'm pretty sure in England college is free but university isn't but that's for the smart kids
supporterofall supporterofall Feb 12, 2016
Yaaaaay Gabby's POV! I'm happy ...... I need to calm down and stop fangirling like srs
ChinMing07 ChinMing07 Apr 14, 2016
Oh crap I got the goosies already I swear I can't handle the cheating I just want them weather all storms together
Dilemma9817 Dilemma9817 Aug 20, 2016
At my country Government Universities isn't better and needs higher grades
Dilemma9817 Dilemma9817 Aug 20, 2016
Why do you change Gabby the other actress Maraia issue more beautiful