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Don't Let Me Go.. (Lesbian love Story)

Don't Let Me Go.. (Lesbian love Story)

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Maax c: By bridgay Completed

Taylor Lawmen is madly in love with the girl of her dreams, Jennifer Lawrence. The only question is, how long can Jennifer keep Taylor before it all goes to waste or will it ever? 

PLEASE READ!! I need advice for my writing so please feel free to drop a comment! Thanks! (: -Max

17fonge 17fonge Apr 11, 2016
I don't understand this aren't they rich and why does she need I scholarship her mom can pay her tuition right I mean I know getting scholarships are good too but I just didn't understand if she is rich or not
AyannaPritchett AyannaPritchett Jul 10, 2016
Omg that just makes me think about when my spanish teacher would say ¡Buenos días clase! in the most chipper voice
its-a-secret-ha its-a-secret-ha Jun 09, 2015
French Horn 1st chair, older brother and sister are drop outs. XD I'm so glad I saw this to read!!