The assassin from Ravieen. -{A Percy Jackson fanfiction}

The assassin from Ravieen. -{A Percy Jackson fanfiction}

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(This is the second book in the assassin called Cedmi series)

His friends know quite a lot about him. 

Yet the one thing he never really talked about, were his assassin years when he ran around the universe killing off rich jerks. 

Percy hoped things would stay that way. That no one would know some things he wanted to stay hidden. 

Yet, when one person walks right back into his life with a smirk on her face, everything he hoped for was going to be ruined. 

Because he knew Keneya could not keep a secret even if you paid her a million dollars. 

And with the war with Void going and the Moon Souls joining Void's side, everything is about to get more complicated. 

Cause there are things in Percy's past, that he best take to his own grave. For the good of everyone. 

The question is; will he be able to kill Keneya before she spills out everything about their past?

* * * 

Keneya frowned, but then her eyes widened with an idea. "I'm coming with you, then," she said. 

"You're what now?" Cedmi asked in disbelief. 

"Well, I'm tagging along with you," she said. "I'll be like a companion."

"Keneya, really, I don't need a-"

"I don't give a damn, if you need one or not," she said. "I'm gonna stay with you until I pay my debt somehow or I die, full stop."

He stared at her with wide eyes under his hood, before smirking. "There's only one thing you have to do first, though and it might take you a while," he said coming closer to her. 

Keneya looked up at his cloaked face. "What?" she whispered, since he was so close to her he could hear it perfectly. 

Cedmi leaned down slightly next to her right ear. "Catch me," he told her quietly with amusement in his voice. 

And just like that; he was gone. 

Keneya smirked widely. "I do love a good chase," she said and used her teleportation watch to disappear too.

* * * 

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