Secret Angel

Secret Angel

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anonymously_unknown_ By anonymously_unknown_ Updated Aug 12

Long ago, when Lily was only a baby, a dying guardian angel came upon her. The Guardian Angel gave Lily, her powers, control of elements, and healing. Lily was no longer human, but no one knew that, only Lily.
Her whole life changes one ordinary day, when she stumbles into a werewolf.

Lily will have to choose to trust the werewolf or run for her life.

See what happens next.

Why people getting triggered about how she looks? No offense.
freeforevaz freeforevaz May 15
I gonna imagine the hair is brownish red and tanned skin but not too tan......if that makes sense
strangerstime strangerstime Oct 01, 2016
Why a blondie again?  I'm just going to pretend it says black hair
HeartlessMs HeartlessMs Dec 27, 2016
The author knows what she/he's doing so please read the book before jumping into judgment.
Barranroaring Barranroaring Dec 29, 2016
Where it says her golden lock ran down my back. Shouldnt it be her back