Initiation (A Wolfpack U Novel)

Initiation (A Wolfpack U Novel)

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Apryl Baker By AprylBaker7 Updated 4 days ago

Clementine Towns is running from her past.

She's lost everything and decides to honor the only thing her father ever asked her to do, attend college at the school his family attended, Appalachia University, fondly known as Wolfpack U.
The sleepy little college town of Jacob's Fork, West Virginia is so far from California, she's hoping she can start over and forget everything that happened to her.

Until she meets Cole Walker.

The quarterback of the football team and all around campus alpha, he represents everything she ran from and the horrible memories associated with that one night. Despite her fear and reluctance, she finds that she's drawn to Cole in ways that she never even though possible.

Not only is she dealing with her feelings for someone that scares her, she discovers the people in this small town are strange and they seem to know more about her than she does. What she finds is the answers to her past, a past her father never told her about, a past she's not sure she wants to embrace. 

But before she can even begin to think about any of that, her past comes rushing back in to torment her,. Can she let Cole protect her or will she keep running?

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Oh my gosh! I am impatiently waiting for more. I already really like the characters and can’t wait to learn more about them.
JoPart8 JoPart8 Jul 18
I absolutely love your writing, you always get me with chapter 1, I am loving it so far!
I’m so glad that people are starting to write book based in West Virginia now! I say that because I live in West Virginia and we’re never noticed by anyone...until now. So thank you for including my home state :)