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Emotionless (ON HOLD/EDITING)

Emotionless (ON HOLD/EDITING)

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TypeUsername By TypeUsername Updated Mar 28, 2015

Ten years ago, Rylee Willows was in a car accident where her parents died and her twin brother disappeared. Since then she has never shown emotion to anyone. Because of her lack of emotion, she was constantly abused by the other pack members. Not knowing that she is the daughter of the real deceased alpha.Eight years passed from that time,Rylee met her mate who's also the next alpha. But he rejected her, thinking Rylee will ruin his image as the new alpha.  Hurt by his rejection Rylee, left her old pack. She ran and venture the woods until she realizes that she's not on her pack territory anymore. She found herself circled by five werewolves growling at her. When suddenly one wolf  wents closer to her and nudged her gently. Rylee was surprised by the wolf's action. She's even more surprised when the wolf turns out to be her twin brother who went missing ten years ago??

ains246 ains246 Apr 23
Australia sucks why would the Alpha live there I would know I live in Australia it's hot and annoying and there are kangaroos everywhere kidding the only time you see a kangaroo is if you go into the country and let me tell you I have never seen a shrimp on a barbie
ains246 ains246 Apr 23
Uh someone brake that sluts spine and yeah what the hell when he said I'll take her to her room and give her a shower o was like wha if someone said that to me to get me out of a room I would act all damsel in distress as a joke lol
Chained_Curiosity306 Chained_Curiosity306 Mar 30, 2016
Well I think the story is pretty awesome hope Brittany brakes more than a rid as carma
Kaida_Tenshi Kaida_Tenshi Feb 17, 2016
If you're spine was broken, you wouldn't be able to walk  much less have a conversation because of the amount of pain you would be in.
GreyGuildMagic GreyGuildMagic Feb 16, 2016
i'm a little confused is it that she can't feel emotion or that she just doesn't show it?
dragonmaster25 dragonmaster25 Jun 26, 2015
that has happened to one of my friends but for some reason she only told me the story and not anyone else