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His Rejected Mate #1

His Rejected Mate #1

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Grayson By XxxGraysonxxX Completed

Realene Ariana Walker. Only daughter of Sophia and Derek Walker. Her parents died from rouges and her older brothers turned against her. Leaving her in the basement they forced her into slavery. Now Rea is a special girl, she was born talking to her wolf Avery. She bigger then an alpha, stronger, and faster. Her wolf stands at a tall 6'7 with black fur and glowing neon blue eyes. All though everyone thinks she hasn't shifted she has, at the age of 5 with her father. 

Matthew Gray Anderson. Oldest son of Maria and Caleb Anderson the betas. Mates to Realene but he thinks she nothing but a weak, worthless slave. So he rejects her, he never wanted to be tied down to one person. What Matt didn't know area will turn to be the most powerful wolf ever since since the moon goddess walked the earth. When area leaves things change. A LOT. Including Matt but will she turn to find another mate, who treats her like a princess?

fandomfangirl147 fandomfangirl147 Sep 14, 2016
O_o WoW the wattpad sign does wonders for her hair!! 👍👍👍 *sarcasm people sarcasm at its highest*
baekajja baekajja Oct 30, 2016
Wow how is the Wattpad design natural? It's just sooooo amazing *notw the sarcasm
averybeach3 averybeach3 Mar 27, 2016
Averys my name I'm happy I'm in a story for once😂😭😂
YouAintHaveJams YouAintHaveJams Mar 18, 2016
Wow it's gray and something is written in it, something like, wattpad?
theRomanceGeek theRomanceGeek Apr 27, 2016
She couldn't have gotten tattoos and piercings at 6😂😂😂m that's just impossible right?😂
AbigailTommo AbigailTommo Jul 16, 2016
Her parents died when she was six? and before theydied, they allowed her to have tattoos and piercings?