The Neighbor (boyxboy) [On Hold indefinitely]

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Elias Legin By eliaslegin Updated 2 years ago
"The Neighbor" follows the high school life of Isaiah Wells, who was born into a wealthy family. His mother is head of the Paradise Springs Ladies Book Club, and his father runs the family convenience store that is branched all over the USA. Then during the summer before the start of his Freshman year, Isaiah spends unexpected time with his neighbor Joseph Mendoza, or Joey, and ends up questioning his sexuality. After summer, things between them start to happen during Isaiah's Freshman year, which leads unexpected things to happen and drama.
I thought this stiry was going to be supernatural because Isaah played on teen wolf andthe other one played in vampire diaries
I sense it's going to be some story! I liked the introduction, so voted! :)
I love your character development and how you present the start of their relationship! Good start!
Interesting. I like how you set this introduction up, by including the character's background. Which is just as essential as their development. I'll definitely consider reading more of this. It sounds  promising :)
I love the way youre writting this. I think youre off to a great start. Voted
So far, this is really sweet. BxB's aren't really my forte, but I don't really have anything against them. They just don't interest me. 
                                    Maybe a few more details/descriptions? 
                                    I LOVE THE COVER! Just saying. And I think that this is a good start. ^_^
                                    Drake <3