Mafia's innocent girl

Mafia's innocent girl

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Sana By Sana321824 Updated Jul 07

" D-do-dont k-kill me" she begged looking at my gun and sobbing loudly. 

"Now, why would i do that??" I asked her chuckling at her and then smirked, looking at her face while twirling my gun in my hand.

"Y-you are a g-go-good boy. Killing people is wr-wrong. Vimla masi told me, it is wrong to hur-hurt people. Every person is good by h-heart and u are a good person. God will be sad if-if u hu-hurt me." She stuttered while sobbing. 

My eyes widen hearing her words. She is lecturing me !? ME !?? How dare she !?.

" Girl do you even realise who I am that you are daring to lecture me !?" I asked, my voice deadly calm.

She gave me her stupidest reply ever I heard from anyone till now.

Meet an indian girl TARA, 22 year old beautiful who is orphan, very innocent, shy, timid, naive, always oblivious to its surrounding.She is a girl who is loved by all people surrounding her because of her sweet innocent nature but there are some those who are nothing but an evil to her innocent soul. She is not mentally ill but people around her sometimes mistaken her to be mental because of her pure soul who is totally oblivious to the dangers of the life.

Now, meet ABHINAY SINGH, 27 year old handsome billionaire, who is a dangerous mafia leader. He is feared by all. Even his own men are scared shitless. No one dares to cross his path but if any one somehow did, they would pay a heavy price, a price as extreme as their life.
People say he is heartless, ruthless, devil in disguise. Some calls him "DEVIL". Mercy word is not in his dictionary and enjoys torturing his victims to the point that they would  beg for him to give them death.

But, both this opposite personality would crash somehow. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF A DANGEROUS MAFIA MEET AN INNOCENT SOUL.

Would he break her?

Would she heal him with her innocence and sweet nature?

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