I'm Yours {Sequel to Make Me}

I'm Yours {Sequel to Make Me}

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Sequel to Make Me

I don't own Ludwig or Feliciano - all rights to Hidekazu Himaruya


gemmapayne gemmapayne May 20
Oh come one. Yes. He left his phone and ALL of his other belonging in the us and just ran off the Germany on a whim. Yes. That's right and makes PERFECT since XD
why woud he be in the coset? if you think he might be in the coset you might as well check the all the cabinets in the house
*sneaks I to house and eats the pasta then leaves* DONT WORRY I ATE IT 😄
I knew it! The woman should gave the key for room 69 to them
When no one else is allowed to every have someone you like, but commitment scared you
Rawr! XXXXXXDDDDDD *nuzzles u* wanna rp? ^-^ ♡♡♡ X3333333333 <<<<<<<<33333