For Eternity (Vampire! 2p! Italy x Reader)

For Eternity (Vampire! 2p! Italy x Reader)

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never noticed By DreamsForDays313 Completed

Vampire! 2p! Italy x Reader

Life isn't horrible for you and the part of humanity that you live with, but it's not great either. With vampires ruling the world, things could be worse, much worse. You get by everyday, only worrying about things like jobs and the very few friends you have. What could possibly turn you're happy life into a living nightmare at this point?

I do not own the 2ps or you. I only own the plot and a few characters that may appear here and there.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya

You belong to you

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-katanaboix -katanaboix Nov 09, 2017
If he bit me then I would go fuckin ham on his ass, not in the dirty way, but I swear to god once I get up, I'm kicking him in the d
KrystalWulf KrystalWulf Jan 30
No problem at all. I'll just barricade the door and refuse to exit until the vampires swear on their lives I can go home.
AlisonKohler AlisonKohler Jul 04, 2017
*eyes widen*
                              *holds phone as far away as possible*
                              THAT IS MAHOGANY.
AlisonKohler AlisonKohler Jul 04, 2017
"The key to your box"
                              Admin:*laughing pervertedly in a corner*
happyfish456 happyfish456 Nov 17, 2017
I read walked as waddled and had to re-read it but now all i'm seeing is him walking like a duck -_-'
KarrotCat KarrotCat Dec 21, 2017
What. WHAT?! WHY was I not informed about this?! Do I even get a say?!