For Eternity (Vampire! 2p! Italy x Reader)

For Eternity (Vampire! 2p! Italy x Reader)

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Vampire! 2p! Italy x Reader

Life isn't horrible for you and the part of humanity that you live with, but it's not great either. With vampires ruling the world, things could be worse, much worse. You get by everyday, only worrying about things like jobs and the very few friends you have. What could possibly turn you're happy life into a living nightmare at this point?

I do not own the 2ps or you. I only own the plot and a few characters that may appear here and there.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya

You belong to you

See dear readers, don't let your friends take photos of you.
                              Who knows who else will take a fascination with you.
                              Darn it Gil--!
Oh? So the German has pointy teeth huh?
                              //whispers// VampDimwit. 
                              Heh, I'm loving this story. ewe
It seems Gil knows us.
                              He knew we would try to escape after the message has been sent.
                              We would've ran naked out of there--
                              Jk, I don't know.
                              We'll never know. Hehe~
Heck no
                               Saturdays mean SLEEP UNTIL THE AFTERNOON.
                              It must suck, waking up so early...
How the frick did he get our favourite color--
TheInternationalGirl TheInternationalGirl Dec 03, 2015
Great second chapter! And don't worry, the story isn't slow-paced! :3