Ziall- Words I  Couldn't Say

Ziall- Words I Couldn't Say

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How can you fall inlove with your bully and not even know it? Let's just say the internet can be a funny place.

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WyattOleffsBae123 WyattOleffsBae123 Aug 17, 2017
I wonder who it is cough cough zayn cough cough!! Sorry a bug flew in my mouth
MClityhe MClityhe Jul 22, 2017
I thought that Louis and Liam would also be his friends. That's k, but they BETTER NOT BE HIS BULLIES! :(
Castiel_Destiel123 Castiel_Destiel123 Mar 28, 2016
I hate school. It's a lot harder for me then other people because I have learning disabilities. I am pretty stupid too.... None of my friends know so whenever I say it's hard they always say, "are you stupid? This shît is easy!"
trynabegrunge trynabegrunge Jun 24, 2016
Preach. That statement is so true. Take it from someone who was called fat and ugly a few years ago and still struggles to forget those statements
sassyngrassi sassyngrassi Apr 18, 2016
i have vitiligo on my neck and have to cover it up with makeup at school
Hummingbird0105 Hummingbird0105 Jun 17, 2016
I hate school I only go to see my guy best friend and my best friends