The Devil's Pawn

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Zoey Johnson(: By Kissmyoops3 Completed
Taylor Thompson is every parent's dream daughter. She's in the smartest classes with fantastic grades and overall a well behaved child. The only problem is she has one secret she's kept from her family for years now. 
    Taylor's bisexual. 
    Trenton Clark is the new boy in town. He's not your typical bad boy though. Having been in jail twice already, Trenton's looking to ride out his last year of high school. He has no expectations to get into a college, no want to get a job. 
    These two total opposites find themselves in each other's company more often than they'd like when Trenton quickly discovers Taylor's secret. 
    Blackmail has suddenlytakenon a whole new meaning.
its true don't you just dislike people who just love to judge others the smartest person of our year is the guy who always sleeps in class I have to work my butt off to be even close to his grades
Wow, judge by appearance much? I mean I know it's all you have for a first impression, but come on, insulting his intelligence because you probably caught him by surprise ...
Holy cow :| her mother sounds so controlling. Okay I may be exaggerating just a bit lol but you get the idea :'D I'd just die if anyone, even my parents, told me what music I couldn't listen to 0.0
the story is good. The two main characters balance their life. Taylor becomes a rebellious girl while Trenton somehow change for good. I hope as they enter collage their realtionship stay strong.
okay so he isnt so bad yet , but her mom is an handful -___-
@AleeSmith I know a Taylor Thompson but she's my cousin soooooo yah