Re:boot (Tokyo Ghoul: re Fanfic)

Re:boot (Tokyo Ghoul: re Fanfic)

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Rishada Yazuki By Risha-senpai Updated Feb 19

A girl that used to be cheerful and lovable experienced a rather cliche but painful event where it made her heart stone cold. She can't accept this fact whatever she do.

Fifteen years after this incident she became an illegitimate detective and also a computer genius. She's the source of the information a person would like to know.

The Director of the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) found out about this and decided to give her a great opportunity to join them but she decline it without any second thought.

Three days after their encounter, she found a very useful information to where is her main objective. Where? Well let us find out.


Disclaimer: I, Rishada Yazuki, doesn't own Tokyo Ghoul:re for Sui Ishida own it. The pictures and videos that may appear in this story are owned by it respective owners. I only own my OCs and my own plot.

Warning: There are some parts in here that actually happened in the manga, so if you haven't read or watched the anime yet, please pardon me for spoiling it for you...

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