The Avatar in Middle Earth (Legend of Korra x LOTR)

The Avatar in Middle Earth (Legend of Korra x LOTR)

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ZombiePineapple By sakee5 Updated Jul 06

Korra enters what she thinks is a spirit portal and instead ends up in MIDDLE EARTH! Will she be able to return home? What will she do when she meets the Fellowship?

All nine people looked up at the strange women in blue and couldn't help but to let their mouths fall. She carried what looked like a staff and wore long baggy pants and warm boots. The outline of muscles were seen on her tight blue singlet and her bare arms exposed her large biceps. None of these baffled men new what to say to the surprisingly muscular women.

DISCLAIMER; I do not own any characters in LOTR or LOK (legend of korra), neither do I own the LOTR movies or the LOK T.V show.

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